It’s Strawberry Season

Strawberries that are red from the outside in. That is the beauty of the garden state. Pair with some arugula and a splash of balsamic dressing. Bon appetite!

Did you know that there is way to cut off the top of a strawberry the right way? Well, every time I see someone doing the wrong way I cringe. They waste the fruit! You need one tool to properly cut a strawberry. A paring knife.

Take the paring knife and hold it close to the blade as possible. At an angle, gently insert the tip of knife just on the outside of the stem and then turn the strawberry as you gently work the knife around the top of the strawberry. Then, when your knife makes it all the way around the stem leaves, the white pith of the strawberry comes out with it! Voila! Done. Devour the strawberry.