Who We Are

Swallowtail in one of our meadows

The outdoor spaces around our house are constantly in motion. Whether it’s a butterfly, bird, or a summer firefly, our house is “abuzz” as they say. A little over five years ago we transformed a vacant boring detention basin into a wildflower meadow. We got our township and our homeowners’ association to approve it. Over the following few years we slowly transformed other sections of our landscaping as well. We have a butterfly garden, a bird garden, a puddle garden, and two other mini meadows. Oh…and also a white pine grove. Future “owl garden” we hope. A robin moved in. So, it is now “Robin’s Garden”.

So…follow us often and check back for new ideas on what’s buzzing around our home and how we made changes to not only help our local pollinators but also what joy it brings to never be alone in the yard and always have something fluttering around. We have the occasional turtle too! They are so fun. And we have foxes too!

Fox hunting on the perimeter of our property

See you soon!