BOGO? You ever hear that? That is code for buy one get one. Plant a native, get like a ton of biodiversity with it.

My presentation (which went great thanks to all my supporters!): Seeing the Seasons Through the Lens of Native Plants was a journey from March through February that tiptoes through the brown, cold winter into the tease of a thaw. Followed by a burst of color in Spring ….You know how before a symphony performance they all kinda play together and then all of sudden after a moment of silence! Wowzaa.
The presentation then wanders through the summer cacophony of bird song and into the starburst of late summer color..all because native plants dance and sing while the biodiversity chimes in quietly….tapping you on the shoulder saying: “Nice BOGO, you did good here, you did good.”
Later on, Autumn returns and we let go. Maybe the Playbill is no longer needed and we say goodbye to our symphony of natives and friends. Only for winter to quiet us…just for a time. So we can rehearse our next move into the native plant stage and tap our friends on the shoulder and say: “Hey…did you see that native plant symphony?”
“Wow, no I didn’t, but I sure would like to. And I heard there’s a BOGO promo?”

Oh how the front and backyards of America could rival any concert hall!!!!! 🐝🦋🐛