What better way to begin a new checklist than on the first of the month. On September 1, 2023, a large raptor landed on the cedar snag behind our home in one of our gardens. Plenty of birds land on this particular perch every day. So below is running tally of what birds I see land, and if there’s a story, I will add that in too.


September 1

Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

“WHOA!!!!!!!!!” she called out. Loudest she had been since quite some time. “What?” I asked my daughter. “A huge hawk just landed on the snag!”

“Don’t move a muscle.” I said, hoping the stillness inside the house would allow the creature enough time to survey the surroundings without flying away before I had the time to tip-toe to get my camera.

The cinnamon-tailed creature did not fly away however, not even when we opened the sliding glass door. Eventually though it did scoot off to a nearby pine where we followed it. Still, it was not minding us. After coming up without a catch, the bird eventually flew around the house and perched above the rain garden.

Additional birds seen today:

Song sparrow, ruby-throated hummingbird

September 4 2023

American goldfinch, gray catbird, American redstart, blue jay