A few years ago we installed a small fenced in vegetable garden where we successfully harvested a dozen or so cucumbers, some delicious tomatoes and a variety of peppers so hot that they need their own warning label.
However, in the process of this install, we realized that the place where our trash can normally sits, was now in need of a new spot. The garage bay was not an option, too stinky. We did not want it sitting on the driveway either, too much of an eyesore.
Enter in…a new garden! We are installing a few strategically placed smalls trees and shrubs to in effect “hide” our garbage bin. We already have a butterfly garden, and a bird garden. But we couldn’t name this on “garbage garden” so I am still thinking up a name for it as I began this post. David Hughes of Weatherwood Design and Land Stewards completed the design and installation.

Finally, it came to me. This garden is just off of our laundry room and it faces east. After rainstorms, it is from this vantage point that we can always see a rainbow if it decides to show. So there you have it…we now have a rainbow garden.

Why do we think to name our “zones” of our property? Well, with a property that is just over a few acres large, you need to be able to refer to areas. So if I happen to spot a fox stepping through our yard…I like to be able to quickly tell my family which window to look out. So if he’s in the front I can shout out: “He’s heading out of the butterfly garden over towards the mini meadow!”

So, here are some before and after pics for you to enjoy.

The flowering dogwood will make a perfect spot for my wind chime. And now we just need to wait for that little evergreen shrub to grow bigger than the trash bin!

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